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This website and the images that I am sharing with you were inspired initially by my father and all of the memories he captured in his lifetime and shared with his family and friends. My mom and dad were my template for how I would see and adapt to life experiences and they helped me learn how to listen and apply what I learned. I am constantly inspired by people who generate and involve you with their positive energy and I try to generate that same kind of healthy enthusiasm in the people I meet. I am sure you will agree that no one person gets anywhere without the help of others... in one form or another! My hope is that we are all loved and connected and when we become aware of that... the perspective of how we get wherever it is we are going becomes a little more clear on our journey's! In the meantime many thanks to those who have affected me in such a way to have come to this place in my life and I hope I can somehow help and or inspire others as we move forward. Peace, joy, and happiness takes work and comes from within! I will be finding a lot of my peace, joy and happiness in sharing the truth and beauty of Rochester, New York and hope to inspire people to see a little deeper into this unique and beautiful city!